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Project Description
Animate.NET is a fluent API for creating, combining, and executing animations in Silverlight and WPF.

This library dramatically reduces the amount of code needed to build animations, and includes a number of common animations, making animation an intuitive programming task.

How many lines of code do you want to write to move, rotate, fade, or otherwise animate an object? How about just one in simple cases, and only a handful in more complex scenarios?

  • RedChip.MoveTo(50, 50, 1.2.seconds()).Begin();
  • BlackChip.RotateBy(BlackChip.GetCenter(), -90, 0.3.seconds()).Begin();

Read the article for an explanation of the core concepts, and see some more code examples:

It is meant to be the beginning of a community conversation around fluent code-based animation for Silverlight and WPF. The goal is to enable succinct, intuitive code to easily create animations, compose multiple animations into groups, and define reusable, parameterized animations and animation libraries. It's not aimed at duplicating a physics engine like Balder, though some simple physics may be included (as an implementation detail) to achieve specific common effects.

Where would you like to see this API go? Use the Discussions area to send your feedback, criticisms, and especially your feature requests and ideas.

This work was inspired by Nigel Sampson's articles which can be found here:

Tools & Technology Used:
  • Visual Studio 2010 Beta 2
  • .NET Framework 3.5
  • Silverlight 3
  • C# 3.0

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